Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Recharge Card Printing Software- Free Download, Installation Guide and How To Use.

In my recent post I introduce the recharge card printing software for all networks in Nigeria and most people who bought the software always complained that they experienced difficulties in using the software to generate and print pins successfully.
NOTE: This tutorial is strictly for people who already have the e-voucher printing software, i.e the recharge card printing software. If you don't have it, you can get it for a token by calling me on 08131242766. And also, be mindful because this software does not work on mobile phones and there is no recharge card printing software for mobile phones.
After downloading the software, follow the guide below to install, upload pins and print.
At the first launch or opening of the software, it would demand for a username and password, dont get nervous, just choose a username of your choice that you know you can easily remember and enter a password of your choice and hit the login button on the software.
Now, lets talk about how to use this machine or software to print your recharge card pins. Launch, the software and select the network to print. Lets assume you are printing mtn pins

After choosing the network, it would bring you to a page where you will upload the mtn pins.

NOTE: Your pins are sent to you by any pin dealer in Nigeria in encrypted or decrypted format, depending on your choice. And also, you should be careful to store your pins in a folder or drive where you can easily locate it and upload.
After uploading pins, if they are valid the software would display a pop up like this:

Press ok, and all your pins would appear like these on the software.

Now send your pins to printer.

Thats it, you are done! You can now start selling your recharge cards and earn big.
The software used in this tutorial is the console, there is also an universal software for printing recharge cards for all network (mtn, glo, etisalat, airtel).
You can get this software and list of pin deals in Nigeria by calling 08131242766