Wednesday, 2 September 2015

'The system is broken': Hungarian official says 3,000 migrants are entering his country EVERY DAY as closure of Budapest station prompts angry clashes with police

  • Budapest station was evacuated yesterday morning as thousands of migrants tried to reach Vienna and Munich
  • Protests were staged and about 100 police officers wearing helmets and wielding batons guarded the station
  • Hungarian government spokesman said the system 'has completely failed' and 'is collapsing in front of our eyes'  
  • The country complained that it has been made a 'scapegoat' as it struggles to cope with arrival of 156,000 migrants

  • Hungary's government spokesman has revealed that 3,000 migrants and refugees are entering his country every day, just hours after furious clashes broke out between migrants and police at a train station in Budapest.
    Thousands of men, women and children slept in sleeping bags outside the city's Eastern Railway Terminus overnight, after they were blocked from boarding trains to Germany and Austria by authorities sticking to European Union rules that prevent the migrants leaving for countries west of Hungary
    All trains were cancelled out of the city's Keleti station after it was overwhelmed with desperate migrants trying to reach western Europe. Loud chants of 'Germany, Germany' and 'Merkel, Merkel' filled the streets outside the station, as several hundred of the migrants demonstrated following its closure. 
    Volunteer groups accustomed to providing food, clothing and medical assistance to a few hundred migrants at a time struggled with the large number of people staying in every corner of the station's sunken plaza.

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