Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Cynthia Morgan Is 'German Juice' rapper reading Vic O's manual?

Fans spent the last few hours blasting Cynthia Morgan over an 'inappropriate' photo of her and a baby. She responded by dropping another one.

Most of Tuesday night and the morning of Wednesday 14th, October, has been about one Nigerian artiste; the red-haired, 'German Juice' crooner, Cynthia Morgan.
Social media was set on fire when she put up a photo on Instagram of herself dragging hard on  cigar with a baby in her hand.
The photo quickly garnered about over 2,500 likes with most of the over 300 comments talking about how they do not like the photo.
13 hours later, she replied with another photo, baby in hand, cigar in mouth.
And another, only this time, there was a caption on the photo:
They say a picture speaks a thousand words. To put her response in three words, it would be "I don't Care"

One picture which hasn't received much attention which she posted in between these is  screen grab of her with music producer, Chopstix.
This makes it almost certain what she's about to do; drop a track.
This also brings also to the 2015 entertainment king of Internet viraldom; Vic O
By buzz standards, everything Vic O dropped this year has been a hit.
He garnered over 5,000 in little time as his condition to drop his famous Drake and Meek Mill diss track.
Back to Cynthia Morgan.
When she finally got everyone's attention, she dropped this photo:
As expected, it was new music, a collabo between her and Rita with the title (yep, you guessed right) Baby Mama, produced by Chopstix.