Friday, 2 October 2015

Dance With Peter Season Premiere - Broadcast Times

DOWNLOAD..Dance with Peter is a Reality TV dances

                                     DOWNLOAD..Dance with Peter is a Reality TV dances

Dance with Peter is a Reality TV dance show that is set to change the generally accepted perspective of dance.

The vision, conceived out of the need to redefine dance and its competitiveness, brings on board Peter Okoye of the multiple award winning R&B music duo P-square, an experienced dancer who already serves as a role model to many Nigerian youths with strong desires to emulate him.

Dance with Peter, thrilling and at the same time engaging, is the first Dance Reality TV show to abrogate the normal humdrum of dance competition as seen on TV. The TV show brings into existence a novel dimension to dancing, its rudiments, the intrigues of competitiveness and an exciting display of talents.

The show witnesses Peter Okoye making his debut as a judge/mentor in Reality TV series. Dance Queen Kaffy, Flex and an international superstar guest will subordinate him.

Note: This competition is open to solos, duets and groups of four (4) from different dance backgrounds for the auditions. However, contestants will be selected as individual performers as they will be mentored in the house as such. This serves as an opportunity to showcase yourself as an individual and go through a rigorous process of mentoring, training and coaching in dance.

30 dancers with unlimited potentials will be chosen to join Team Kaffy, Team Flexx or Team Peter. 30 dancers, 3 teams, 1 winner,

See broadcast times below:

Saturday, September 26th
African Magic Urban (7pm)

Sunday, September 27th
AIT (3pm)

Monday, September 28th
TV3 (4pm)